ETO Sterilizer
  • Auto-parallel-shift door ( opening and closing)
  • Chief parameters auto-adjust
  • Air-in ation sealing mode
  • Sterilize parameters auto-record
  • Automatic alarming and safety protection
  • Hexahedral heating
  • Volume of inner container:

Primary technical parameters

Volume of inner container 1,3,6,10,15,20...1003
Material of case body Quality stainless steel
Sterilizing temperature 0~100℃, PID adjustable
Sterilizing pressure -85~+80KPa
Sterilizing humidity 30~100%RH
EO concentration 300~1000mg/L
Sterilizing time 3-12hrs
Pre-vacuum -85KPa
Times of air change Arbitrarily
Ventilation time Arbitrarily
Max electrical heating power 9~60Kw
Max steam heating power 3~10 Kw
Power source 3-phase, 5-wire, 380V 50Hz